Alex Willemsma

About Me

I am a world traveler, prop manipulator, web developer, and believer in magick, currently residing in Vancouver B.C. Canada. I am excited to have a new home here from which pursue a host of new projects, and from which to continue to travel, knowing I have a home to return to. This page is, to bring back some nearly forgotten web slang "my home page". Though it will contain a few paragraphs of information, the primary purpose of this page is to serve as a hub for links to more specific projects.

Thus, without further ado, on to the interesting stuff!

My Work

I primarily work as a freelance website developer, with the bulk of my experience being in writing Ruby and PHP backend code. Please check out my business site / resume for the detailed breakdown. As a quick shoutout, some projects I have recently been or currently am involved with include:

For Fun

Travel has been my greatest and most rewarding hobby to date, and unfortunately has left little time or space for many other pursuits. That said, it was while traveling that I discovered and developed my other major hobby, which is prop manipulation, specifically Poi Spinning. Earlier this summer I was able to attend a Play Poi retreat where I was privilaged to both learn a lot of new skills, but also able to meet a whole new crew of friends.

I will be including a video of myself Poi Spinning here shortly, but while I get that sorted out, here's an overview of the entire retreat!